Kanchanaburi skywalk opens and closes on River Kwai


After just one day of opening, the skywalk over the River Kwai has been closed already. It seems that having a glass bottom allows for spectacular views but also requires special shoes not to damage the bridge, and they were in short supply. All visitors are required to purchase these special shoes and wear them when walking across the skywalk.

The Kanchana Buri Municipality issued an apology for closing just one day after opening. They promise to replenish their supply of the special shoes that visitors must purchase for 60 baht and can take home as a souvenir. They plan on reopening the new skywalk on Thursday.]

“Bridge On The River Kwai” is a critically acclaimed book and 1957 movie, but this week the Thai government has opened a new bridge – the Kanchana Buri skywalk over the Khwae Yai River. The skywalk opened ahead of schedule along with an adjacent walking street, open activity space, and a public park in the Muang district at the western edge of Thailand.

The skywalk will span a 150-metre stretch that offers panoramic vistas looking out to the merging of the Mae Klong, Khwae Noi, and Khwae Yai – three rivers joining at that point. Kanchana Buri is hoping to boost their tourism numbers higher by lifting their tourists higher with the 12-metre tall skywalk. They also are happy to provide recreational space for locals in the area. It was originally scheduled to be opened at the beginning of 2023.

While the 12-metre-high skywalk will be a tourist site on its own, the bridge is part of a planned overall beautification of the area, which the cabinet approving further projects to add landscaping to the nearby Khun Phaen Pier and the riverbanks in between. They plan on beautifying and developing the Old Town area on both sides of the river. The skywalk allows for beautiful city views, but it is made of glass to let those who walk along it look directly down into the confluence of waters with two colours meeting and combining.

An opening ceremony for the skywalk and the walking street was hosted on Saturday by the Kanchana Buri governor, and the walking street will now be opening daily from 4pm to 10pm. The skywalk was officially opened yesterday and the number of people walking on it at any time will be carefully regulated.

A limit of 100 to 120 tourists will be allowed on the bridge at a time, and entrance will be granted in one-hour time blocks from 9am to 6pm each day. The first block will be 9am to 10am, and the last will be from 5pm to 6pm. On weekdays there will be a three hours break from noon to 3pm, with six sessions per day, for a maximum of 720 people per day. On weekends and public holidays, there will be no break, allowing for nine hourly groups to visit the skywalk, up to 1,080 people each weekend day.


Published by  The Thaiger  15.9.2022