Closure of Mekong Cruises – Luangsay & Vat Phou


Today we got the information, that Mekong-Cruises in Laos will close the company.

This is the letter, send by the owner of Mekong-Cruises


Dear friends,


Today, I am writing this message to you to announce some very sad news.

Its last 2 years with the Covid-19 crisis has been very difficult for us, as well in the world of travel and tourism in general.

Unfortunately, having no more cash to continue operating for the 2022-2023 season, the Mekong-Cruises company after 20 years of navigation on the Mekong must stop its activity at the end of this month, our company is proud to have been able to contribute to the development of tourism in Laos.

With the “Luang Say Lodge and Cruises”, no less than 75,000 happy customers will have been able to navigate during its 2 days of cruises, unique cultural experiences, opportunities to better understand life in Laos, to discover nature along this legendary river that is the Mekong and to stay one night in our magnificent lodge on the banks of the Mekong or I used to say, “In the middle of nowhere!” “.

With the “VatPhou Cruises” cruise, 22,000 happy customers who will have been able to navigate for 3 days and 2 nights on the Mekong and have the opportunity in warm comfort to discover the splendors of this river, its villages, the famous waterfall of Khon Phapheng and the temple of Vat Phou, Unesco world heritage.

We will therefore close our company at the end of this month, all our efforts to try to find a buyer has unfortunately not succeeded to date,
The end of this adventure leaves me sad, especially since we were a few months away from a possible opening.

I am also sad that to this day, we still have $55,000 of unpaid bills which would have helped us to hold on until the end.
Indeed, many agents claiming the Covid-19 crisis decided on the first day of this crisis not to honor their debts, the same agents who claimed to have an ethics and attached to the values ​​of a charter for responsible tourism!

The list of all its agents who have not honored their debts to us will of course be made public and published in the professional travel press.

I would like personally and on behalf of all the Mekong Cruises team to thank you for your support during its long years.
It was a pleasure to have been able to work together.


We wish you every success in your efforts to promote South East Asia.

With this message, I would also like to thank all my teams who have followed me and brought so much joy and humility during all these years.

I am of course sorry for this bad news,


Jerome Trichard (Mr)
Managing Director