TOURISMNew PVS check-in system to speed up Suvarnabhumi Airport

new screening at aspt

Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok’s main international airport, is getting a modernising upgrade, as a new passenger validation system is being put in place. The new PVS will be launched in the airport officially on September 1 and will be found at Terminal 4 for both domestic and international passengers.

The PVS system is intended to speed up the process of screening passengers, making it more efficient while simultaneously giving a boost to Suvarnabhumi Airport’s security, according to an announcement by airport officials yesterday.

The new systems will bring Bangkok’s main airport up to the international standards in passenger security, requiring passengers to go through an automated screening process at kiosks. Travellers will have their boarding passes scanned by the PVS reader, whether they are paper documents or e-boarding passes, and the system will retrieve their travel information.

Airport employees will still be on hand at nearby counters to help with any questions and guide any confused customers through the PVS automation system. The PVS will confirm each passenger’s travel information and provide an extra layer of security against fraud, as the airport explained.

“The PVS will ensure that [the] passenger screening process is fast and accurate, and will prevent unauthorised persons from entering restricted or flight-controlled areas. This system will also prevent the reuse of boarding passes that have already been scanned.”

The programme will launch first in Terminal 4 and initially have 15 counters spread around the terminal.

  • For foreign travellers:
    • Zone 2, rows J-K will have two counters for outgoing travellers
    • Zone 3, rows S-T will have three counters for foreigners
  • For Thai nationals:
    • Rows C-D will have eight counters for outgoing travellers

There are an additional two check-in counters in rows L-M that were not clarified if they were for Thai passport holders or foreign passport holders.


Source:   The Nation
Published:  The Thaiger  27.8.2022