Thailand’s CCSA talk tourist stats, visas on arrival & home isolation

Thailand’s Centre for Covid-19 Administration Situation (CCSA) met with Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha today, August 19, to talk about coronavirus-related topics and foreign arrivals. The CCSA said Thailand is transiting into the “post-pandemic stage.”

The CCSA said Thailand’s Covid situation is improving and its classification is changing from a “serious communicable disease” to a “communicable disease under surveillance.”

Home Isolation

The CCSA has reduced the suggested home isolation period for those who test positive for Covid from seven days to five days. The CCSA recommends monitoring symptoms for an additional five days.

Visa On Arrival / Visa Exemption On Arrival

The CCSA has “agreed in principle” to extend the number of allotted days for visas on arrival/visa exemptions on arrival on a “temporary basis” to boost tourism. The CCSA said they will release more details about this at the next CCSA meeting, which will be held early next month.

Foreign Arrivals 

Thailand has welcomed a total of 3.78 million foreign arrivals so far this year. Foreign arrivals spiked significantly in July when Thailand Pass was cancelled.

During August 1 – 17, 2022, 440,934 travellers arrived in Thailand.

So far this month, Thailand’s top ten foreign arrivals by country are…

  1. India (57,642)
  2. South Korea (40,565)
  3. Vietnam (36,869)
  4. Malaysia (30,107)
  5. Singapore (29,814)
  6. United Kingdom (23,758)
  7. Japan (23,733)
  8. France (19,684)
  9. USA (18,974)
  10. Germany (18,024)

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Published at:  The Thaiger  19.8.2022