Thailand warms to drop temperature checks

temperature check

The Ministry of Public Health will suggest to the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration to remove temperature measurement devices and checkpoints from all the country’s airports and other locations throughout Thailand because there is no evidence proving that the checks prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The Head of the Health Technical Office from the Ministry of Public Health, Rungruang Kitphati, says temperature checks were one of the first Covid screening measures introduced because the main symptom of most patients was a high fever. As a consequence temperature measuring devices and temperature checkpoints were set up throughout the country.

Rungruang says the Ministry of Public Health has reconsidered the temperature measurement arrangement and now agrees the country should drop it as the pandemic situation in Thailand has improved.

Rungruang added that the infrared temperature screening devices at airports didn’t provide any evidence to prove effectiveness in preventing Covid.

Singapore removed temperature checks last year, while the US and Canada didn’t even recommend the measure, so Rungruang believes it is time for Thailand to drop it.

Rungruang says the ministry would suggest canceling the temperature checkpoints at the next CCSA meeting. He added that the ministry would continue to encourage booster doses, wearing a face mask in crowded areas, washing hands during the day, and maintaining social distance measures.


Published by The Thaiger