Phuket governor reverses decision easing mask-wearing

Easy come, easy go. Phuket Governor Narong Woonciew today reversed yesterday’s mask-wearing easing order, insisting people must wear a mask in all public places even if they are practicing social distancing measures.

Only yesterday the governor relaxed all measures saying healthy people could to take off their face masks while in open-air places, beaches, public parks and stadiums, as part of further easing Covid-19 restrictions.

But late last night Narong cancelled the order allowing relaxed outdoor usage of masks at places such as beaches and parks.

The new order states people must still wear face masks in all public areas, especially in closed areas with no airflow, and when joining activities with many people.

There are some exceptions however, the order says people can only take off their face mask while:

  • Drinking or eating
  • Exercise in an open area with airflow away from other people
  • To verify identity at the request of a competent official.

The order came into effect yesterday until further notice. No reason was given for the sudden reversal