New plans to expand Bangkok’s nightlife tourism


New plans are underway to help expand Bangkok’s nightlife tourism. Bangkok Governor Chadchar Sittipunt said yesterday that the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration is talking to experts about decorating some areas so they can become attractions. These are mainly spots in downtown areas and riverside zones, he said.

Chadchart has also announced a plan for Bangkok to become a sister city of Venice, Italy. The plan will involve the two cities collaborating and sharing culture and knowledge, including on water management. The plan, he said, is in its early stages, and its activities will be carried out next year.

Chadchart also wants to support hotel owners and entrepreneurs by making it easier to get licenses and pay taxes. The governor said the tourism and hotel industry is a top priority for the BMA because it is a major source of employment in Bangkok.

The BMA also has a plan in the works called “Midnight Bangkok Governor”, in which Chadchart and his team will patrol Bangkok at night to help tourists feel safer visiting Thailand’s capital. The plan is consistent with the Tourism Ministry’s proposal to extend operating hours of night entertainment venues to 4am.

Chadchart noted that Bangkok has an issue with a shortage of hospitality workers. The BMA is now offering short courses at Bangkok Vocational School and matching graduates with businesses.

The president of the Thai Hotels Association, Marisa Nunbhakdi, said this year is considered the beginning of a “great recovery” in Thailand’s tourism.

Thailand is now saying feel free to come after a new provision has unbarred those with Covid-19 from entering the Kingdom. The Cabinet moved forward with the decision to allow foreign visitors with the virus to enter Thailand while removing the virus from a list of forbidden diseases in foreign visitors. We can expect that this will also help with Thailand’s tourism recovery, along with Bangkok’s other new plans in the works.

SOURCE: Nation Thailand 

Published:   The Thaiger   22.9.2022