Kanchana Buri Skywalk to open in old town next year

Skywalk Kasnchanaburi

Kanchana Buri is hoping to boost their tourism numbers higher by lifting their tourists higher with a 15-metre tall skywalk. The project has been in the works for a long time, with construction woes delaying the opening again and again, but the bridge with its scenic views is now set to be opened at the beginning of 2023.

The skywalk will span a 130-metre stretch that offers panoramic vistas looking out to the merging of the Mae Klong, Khwae Noi, and Khwae Yai – three rivers joining at that point. Kanchana Buri Governor Jirakiat Bhumisawasdi announced the bridge, which is nearing completion in the old town district, should be open early in the new year and is hoped to draw tourists to admire the views.

The skywalk is being built in three phases, with the first on near completion and contracts already in place and signed for the second and third phases to follow shortly. Work on the span has faced numerous delays, mostly due to the lockdowns and restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, so contract deadlines have been extended by the government for the construction.

While the 15-metre-high skywalk will be a tourist site on its own, the bridge is part of a planned overall beautification of the area, which the cabinet approving further projects to add landscaping to the nearby Khun Phaen Pier and the riverbanks in between.

But not everyone is a fan of the new modern skywalk, with detractors pointing out that the construction style sits in stark contrast to the carefully preserved old town structures around it. Many on social media are expressing outrage about the modernisation, but the governor points out that there are no restrictions to building the modern skywalk and the whole project was open to public debate in a formal hearing process.

The latecoming anger is too little too late for the project that was approved by the old town preservation committee and in a survey of 5,000 residents, the project received support from about 95% of the people.


Source Bangkok Post  19.July 2022